Designed for people who got awaken and have no one to talk to,

who are not sure what to do next on there awaken path, how to handle their new talents. People who are disoriented, with the new sensations, 

or uncomfortable with there new talents or knowledge.

This is fun sessions, you will like it! We will be looking behind the veils of what is visible.

*Not a religious leadership - One on one sessions *


 Let's talk and see if I'm a good teacher for you ~ 20 min call free!


Break the unhealthy patterns in your life with this easy and deep relaxation.

This is a very dynamic technique.



  • Communicating  w/Spiritual Guides

  • Clearing emotional blocks Clearing blocks from your family- bloodline

  • Clearing past life blocks, Balancing chakras

  • Balancing your spiritual & energetically in-print

  • Aura Reading (portrait) 

  • Other




Access Bars technique is an incredibly potent, nurturing and dynamic

stress reduction process. Most importantly it is breaking the feeling of being stuck in life, by clearing the unhealthy life patterns and hidden emotional blocks

that will help you make changes in your life and help you create a beautiful life. 


Helps with: big things like unstacking your life!!! Changing life path, getting the job of your dreams. To smaller things like preparing for difficult exams for grownups, children studying blocks. Peace of mind, deep relaxation, insomnia...

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Hello Beautiful  People!  

     I am Elzbieta a Spiritual Life Coach and Spiritual Awakening Guide. Since 1990 I've been intensively studying different Modalities of Energy Healing Techniques and Esoterism, Metaphysics, Mysticism, and lots about the Star People. This day I mostly work with private clients an especially other Healers who like all of us (including me) are experiencing life blocks sometimes.

I am using a variety of tools including the potent Access Consciousness tools with my clients. 

I am one of many awakened, active Light Workers, Spiritual Healers, and New Teachers on our Planet assisting with the Planetary changes. Nurturing others and Spiritually Guide them is at the core of who I am. Much like ancient healers, my focus is to help individuals through healing the source of the issue which sometimes maybe berry in a past life, parallel dimension, or life contract.

Most of the time on the one-on-one sessions I feel and see the client's energy fields, the blocks in their physical bodies. And always doing a session I also do communicate silently with my client's physical body. Often I see and talk with my client's spiritual guides.

How do I get to learn that? My story: 

At the age of 17, I was involved in an accident; shortly after arriving at the hospital, I was pronounced dead. This was the most beautiful and soul awakening experience in my life. I re-emerged from this with DEEP spirituality, awareness, consciousness and in sync with the non-physical world. I was suddenly able to not only believe in non-physical life but to understand the energies that are left hidden to most. See and communicate with other highly conscious beings. I become fascinated with the invisible part of the human body, especially all the exterior subtle energies fields, of which usually our human eye cannot decipher but are such a crucial part of our physical manifestation. That experience also got me to the awareness that EVERYTHING is Conscious. It birthed within me a clear understanding that I am an infinite, spiritual being who has chosen to have a human experience on Earth, and so are YOU!


I am also an artist who was born with the gift of synesthesia. I have BA in Fine Arts and I am creating different types of art:

  • Healing and Functional Art 

  • Visionary Art

  • Art that is your personal / metaphysical tool.  This art is made to each person individually. Keeping you focus. It is raising your consciousness connecting and you to your Higher Self and All-Knowing Self. Giving you answers to your everyday life problems. As well as calibrating you with: The Power that you were born with & with Your Sacred Calling (eke life purpose) How does it get better than that?!  With questions please TEXT 619 642 4568


Visionary Art Gallery 

"The future development of medicine lies with treatments based on light and color" - Stephen Hawking 

Using color frequencies to balance and positively influence
the human brain, physical, emotional and mental body, as well as the subtle energies outside your body

~ This section is so much fun but in slow progress do to lock of time :) 

for updates please follow me on Instagram ~

  • https://www.instagram.com/elzbietaar



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Image by Sudarshan Abi
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