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I finished art school in Poland with a B.A. in Fine Art with Honors in Ceramics. My major was in Table Top Accessories and Hand Built Monumental Clay Sculptures. All my creations are influenced by culture and dynamics of my environment. In 1990, I moved to the United States. I lived for 16 years in NYC and 12 years in California, getting to know Berkeley and San Diego. Originally from Europe, I am at most influenced by two Art Nouveau artists: Stanislaw Wyspianski  a Polish writer, painter, stained glass designer. The second is English illustrator Aubrey Vincent Beardsley. NYC influenced me by it's minimalism, adopting the cold, pure, clean, symmetrical look. And last but not least California has added ease to my designs and softness making me reach for designing on the spiritual level.​

My paintings, sculptures and other designs have a very distinctive, feminine, rich, bold look and the clear message that I am in love with color. I am fascinated with the concept of creating a positive impact on others through utilizing the impact that color has on the human emotional and physical body.

Noteworthy Accomplishments in Art and Design

- First prize in National Competition for church Stained glass windows - Europe 
- Chousen by Galician Community to design Rosery for Pope Paul John II - the art is now in the Vatican Museum 

samples of completed creative projects 

Art commission for  - Title: "Human Soul Traveling Through Time on Earth"  

Samples of Elzbieta's Ceramic Artwork

Samples of Elzbieta's Pattern Design

Samples od Elzbieta's Web Design 

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