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Imagine experiencing a session where you receive practical wisdom, learn about your life purpose, and get answers to your questions from Your Spiritual Guides, Galactic Family, and other Beings of Love and Light.
 90min  Session

Following a near-death experience in the 1980's I returned with many unique gifts, the most remarkable of them is being able to tune into an extremely deep & broad range of different frequencies of consciousness, allowing me to fluently communicate with a plethora of Intergalactic and Multi-Dimensional Beings of Light and Love. I can also often see them as clearly as I can see you and some of them are breathtakingly beautiful.
That allowed me to communicate with YOUR personal Spirit Guides. How awesome is that! 
That experience also let me understand our reality on a much deeper level. I understand that we are never dying Spiritual Beings have many short (80 years) human life experiences. Understand that I am not my "body" but I temporarily have one. And that this body is only serving me to hold my soul, spirit, and essence in this Earthy environment.  Our physical body is designed to be rebalanced easily by utilizing vibration + frequency of sound, light, color, earth, water, and air/breath. I was aware that the Universe is filled with Unconditional Love and thousands of different Enlighten Star People exist on other planets. They are the Beings of Light & Love. Some of them guide us. EACH and every human in our life journey on Earth has hundreds of different guides from different areas of the universe helping us on this plain.  However, we have to ask them for it. During my Channeling sessions not always but often I can see your guides. Since each of us has guides from all parts of the universe and different levels of conciseness they are all looking different. In one channeling session, there can be one or a few different types of beings attending including Orbs, Concul of Light, or beings with physical bodies…. They do not look like us but they are beautiful beings and sometimes their beauty and/or the love that comes out of them move me to tears. Each session is different depending on your needs, your Soul mission on Earth, your Soul contracts, and your Guides origin.

Connecting and communicating with your Spiritual Guides is a deeply spiritual session, Since it is so personal obviously each session is different. Most of the time the session is related to your life purpose in this reincarnation, and it may address blocks in your life. This type of session is recommended especially for Light-Workers, Star Seeds, and Star People who may be connected with their Galactic Family. Different techniques may be added depending on what YOU needed.
In this modern age, we are so attached to our phones and so out of touch with our essence, that 99.99% of the time we do not hear the subtle communications from our Soul, from our Guides and Angels. Hopefully, this short session will spark a beautiful relationship between you and your Guides, and let you hear their guidance more on daily bases. Hopefully, that will blossom into an easier life.
You will be laying down, and have blankets on top of you for comfort. This session is in a safe environment. You will be energetically protected by me and your guides, and I will NOT open your magnetic field, instead, I will open the vortex and I will be raising my vibration to meet your Guides on different frequencies. You will be in the presence of  YOUR personal Guides of Light and Love, and if you are Star Seed there also may be members of your Galactic Family. You will be able to ask questions during the session. 
Each of us has hundreds if not thousands of Guides, They live in different dimensions of consciousness. I choose to work only with very high vibrational beings from the 6th dimension or higher, so only beings of Light and Love are going to be participating in our session. I will translate your Guides communications to you, from the telepathic language into English. In many cases, I will be able to see your guides, and in that case, I will describe what your personal guides look like. On rare occasions, some clients are able to see the guides themselves during the sessions.
All this information is what I concluded during readings with my clients, and this is not influenced by other people's research. I'm sure that there are way more forms of conciseness than I can perceive. The ones that I am able to communicate with on behave you, are:
PURE COUNCHESNES* That is "extremely high consciousness thought from" vibrating so high that it can not even hold the body of light or a sphere (like Orbs do) I got only personal channeling from that source under the QHHT technique, and it was too much to share with others. All information from this source was only referring to Earth's planetary information. It was overwhelming to say at list. I was also very aware that this pure consciousness somehow was collective - perhaps this was a collective of different points of view. I do not know.
YOUR ESSENCE* Let's start with the fact that as a human,  you, now as you read this, have many points of consciousness and you live in a few dimensions at once. (I will talk about that soon). But in your spiritual anatomy, you have Your Essence, Your Soul, Your Spirit, each of that has its own signature vibration and frequency, All of them ate differently, all are connected, and all NEVER die. "YOU" never diy! You think that you are what you see in Merro,  and in reality, you are not able to see who you really are (the soul, spirit..) The only part of you that dies is your body and your name. But as soon as you choose to you get a new body and new name possibly on a new planet with a new set of rules... and so on
(I believe that Your Essence, The Devine part of your conciseness that never dies is possibly part of Pure Conciseness. If not then vibrationally must be right under it. (I am still studying this)
ORBS* Orbs are higher vibration than Star People, I believe as they seem to vibrate so fast that are not to be able to hold more body than light in the shape of a sphere.
COUNCIL OF LIGHT*  Other channelers are reporting meeting many different Concules. So far I only have the privilege to translate few times the Concul of Light and one more Concul but I was not clear on his name. Clients who have the Consul  of Light talk to them seem to be collectively energetically connected, all tho they did not know themselves in this lifetime (other than two people)
Councils must be vibrationally located much Higher than Star People as They always receive respect from any other attending the session
The Conculs of Light look more like human silhouettes, but are very large I proportion to other beings attending made out of very bright light 
YOUR SPIRIT*  These are different levels of your existence and I believe they fall in this place in the vibrational hierarchy 
YOUR SOUL*    Your Soul is a small part of your Spirit and is closer to your body 
STAR PEOPLE* Our scientists in Physics determined in the early 2000's that there are 5 levels of civilizations in our known Universe. Humans are on Civilization level 0 at this moment and we have a big chance to become Civilization 1 if we successfully complete our transition into 5D consciousness. That transition started in 2012 and if successful it will end in 2032.
My clients in past sessions meet with their Star Family, the Galactic Federation People, Arthurians, Paladins, Angels, and many other different Star People groups with no known names. I believe that they are in physical bodies. They all have very pleasant looks and some of them are very beautiful - sets that non of them have human-like faces. Obviously, there are many spaces in many layers of the universe on many layers of consciousness.




Because we, humans, are on the 3D level of consciousness and we have lots of cruelty toward other humans, animals, plants, and the planet itself. We really have zero knowledge of Universal laws... Once we open any portals to other dimensions or other layers of consciousness we really do not know what we are facing. So to serve you and to keep you and me safe I decided to only communicate with beings from 6 and higher dimensions. To my knowledge 6D and up, is plain where all that seems to exist is unconditional love.
Each session is different, you will meet with the beings that are the most helpful to you at this moment in your life. Sometimes is one being sometimes many show up. It could be one species and it could be 10 beings from 10 different parts of the Universe 
This work could be used as an alternative to past life or between-life hypnosis.  
You can ask your guides questions and receive practical wisdom and guidance on topics such as why you reincarnate now. Why not 200 years ago or 200 years from now?
Or, how to overcome that specific life obstacle. We can then see if this obstacle is your life lesson, or if that is a decision you made in a past life that is manifesting now, if that is something unhealed from your past life, or if this obstacle was given to you by your parents subconsciously as ancestral trauma, ect. Then we will get guidance on how to heal and rebalance that so you can move forward with your life.
** If you like to use any part of this information please contact me first at 619.642.4568**




One on One 90min session is $275.

(please book 2 to 2.5hr for yourself in case if you have questions)

One on One private session: We can dive deep into your personal life path and challenges. We can see why you are reincarnated now, and what is your life mission or life purpose. The best sessions are the ones with no agenda. Just let your Guides talk and say whatever is in your greatest good to know. These are the sessions with precious information leaving the clients at WOW.


Great for a B-day party, or private group channeling. Age request: 25 or older, 

These will be group readings and then we may stretch into metaphysical conversations.

GROUP INTRO SESSION - self-recorded  ** new location coming soon** 

This is an intro session so I will talk about the guides, and what to expect during 1 on 1 session and do some very light general channeling for the group as a collective (This is a group session, so your deep secrets are safe and will not be spoken at loud)

You will be seated or lying down. The lights in the room will be dimmed so my brain can tune in to the telepathic frequencies. I will explain who guides are, the way is beneficial for you to work with them on your own, and how to do it

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