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60 to up to 90min Session

Connecting and communicating with your Spiritual Guides. Different techniques are added depending on what YOU needed, including cutting cords, clearing past life blocks, or color healing...

Elzbieta is a Spiritual Awakening Teacher and someone who can see beyond our normal senses. She have had near-death experience, which left her with many interesting gifts, one of them is ability to fluently telepathically communicate with plethora of Intergalactic and Multi Dimensional Beings of Light and Love. She can also see them as clearly as she can see you, and some of them are breath taking beautiful.


What to expect:

Conversations with YOUR Personal Guides, or Conversation with Your Soul, 

In the session you will be in the presence of YOUR personal Guides of Light and Love. Elzbieta works onle with high vibrational beings from 6th dimention or higier, as well as with your soul.

Elzbieta will translate your Guides communications to you, from the telepathic language in to English. In many cases she will be able to describe how your Personal Guides look like. More in tune participants are able to see the guides themselves during this particular sessions.

Yes you can phone-record that session so please bring fully charged phone.

~ You will be seating or lay down.

~ The lights in room will be dimed so Elzbieta’s brain can tune in to the Guides telepathic frequencies

~ ELzbieta will explain who guides are, and way is beneficial for you to work with them and how to do it

~ We will take 2 minutes to quiet our mind

~ Elzbieta will introduce personal guides to you; tell you how they look like

~ Elzbieta will start the translations

~ Yes, You can ask your guides a question 


Way to attend this session:

In this modern age we are so attach to our phones and so out of touch with our essence, that 99.99% of the time we do not hear the subtle communications from our Soul, from our Guides and Angels. Hopefully this short session will spark beautiful relationship between you and your Guides, and let you hear their guidance more.


One on One private session:

On privet sessions we can dive deep in to your personal life. We can see way your are reincarnated now, what is your life mission or life purpose, way you are experiencing any particular hardship, or get answers how to turn your life around… And yet the best sessions are the once with no agenda. Just let the Guides talk, and say what they think you need to know, as this are the sessions with precious information flowing, leaving the clients at WOW.


     When & Where:

FREE Group sessions: 

This is group session, so your deep secrets are safe.

FREE - self recorded

Tuesdays 9pm - 10pm / 10:30pm

Address: Earth’s Elements Hillcrest

421 University Ave 92103 (bet 3rd and 4th)


 Private sessions:

One on One 60min to 90min session

$275  - self recorded

Thursdays 10am - 7pm

Address: Longevity Lounge in Pacific Beach

4747 Mission Blvd #7 . 92109