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Imagine experiencing a session where you receive practical wisdom, learn about your life purpose, and get answers to your questions from your Spiritual Guides, Galactic Family, and other Beings of Love and Light.
 90min  Session

What is it:
Connecting and communicating with your Spiritual Guides is a deeply spiritual session, Since it is so personal obviously each session is different.the session is related to your life purpose in this reincarnation, and it may address blocks in your your life. This type of session is recommended a specially for Light-Workers, Star People, Star Seeds who may be connected with their Galactic Family. Different techniques may be added depending on what YOU needed.
Way to attend this session?
In this modern age, we are so attached to our phones and so out of touch with our essence, that 99.99% of the time we do not hear the subtle communications from our Soul, from our Guides and Angels. Hopefully, this short session will spark a beautiful relationship between you and your Guides, and let you hear their guidance more on daily bases.
Way having this session with Elzbieta?
I am a Spiritual Awakening Teacher and someone who can see beyond our normal senses. A long time ago I have had a near-death experience, which left me with many interesting gifts, one of them is the ability to fluently telepathically communicate with a plethora of Intergalactic and Multi-Dimensional Beings of Light and Love. I can also see them as clearly as she can see you, and some of them are breathtakingly beautiful.
What to expect?
You will be laying down, and have blankets on top of you for comphort. This session is in safe envirmant, you will be protected and Elzbieta will not open your magnetic field. Instead I will be rasing my vibration to meet your Guides on difrwnt frequency. You will be in the presence of YOUR personal Guides of Light and Love, and if you are Star Seed there also may be members of your Galactic Family.
Elzbieta choose to works only with high vibrational beings from the 6th dimension or higher, so only beings of Light and Love are going to be participating in your session.
I will translate your Guides communications to you, from the telepathic language into English. In many cases, I will be able to see your guides, and in that case I will describe what your personal guides look like. On rare occasions, more in-tune participants are able to see the guides themselves during these particular sessions.


When & Where:

Private sessions: One on One 60min to 90min session $275.

(please book 2hr to 2.5hr in case if we need to take time to process information)

One on One private session: We can dive deep into your personal life path and challenges. We can see why you are reincarnated now, and what is your life mission or life purpose. The best sessions are the ones with no agenda. Just let your Guides talk and say whatever is in your greatest good to know. These are the sessions with precious information leaving the clients at WOW.


Great for B-day parthy. or private group channeling. Age request 25 or older.

this will be readings and it may streach in to metaphisical conversations.

Group sessions: $20 - self-recorded  ** new location coming soon** 

This is more intro session so I will talk about the guides, and do some general channeling for the group (This is a group session, so your deep secrets are safe and will not be spoken at loud)

You will be seated or lying down.The lights in the room will be dimed so my brain can tune in to the  telepathic frequencies. I will explain who guides are, and the way is beneficial for you to work with them, and how to do it

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