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The following are a few of the tools that I have found helpful along my spiritual journey.

All have provided nourishment and direction for my own spiritual growth and development. 

I wish to share them with hopes that they may be as useful to you as they are to me. (Go to link by clicking on picture)

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Scott Stevens is an award winning television weatherman 

  • The End of Natural Weather -

  • Weather modification

  • The Endgame of Geoengineering

  • The Failures of Chemtrails

  • Chemtrails and Cryptocurrency

  • Esoteric Power of Chemtrails

The Endgame of Geoengineering with Scott Stevens

Open Minds with Regina Meredith

The Failures of Chemtrails with Scott Stevens

Beyond Belief with George Noory

Robert Schwartz

Discover Your Soul's Plan

Streamed live on Jul 30, 2014

Before you were born, you planned the specific experiences, relationships, and challenges you would have in your life. Discover why you chose the particular people in your life. Why you planned your most difficult challenges. What the deeper spiritual meaning and purpose of those relationships and challenges are, and how you can utilize them to learn and grow.  On the web, you will have access to Robert Books, and one on one sessions with him.

Jonathan Goldman:

-Healing Frequencies

-Space Clearing Music

Holy Harmony
Jonathan Goldman:
"I AM" - meditation
Jonathan Goldman:
7 Minute Tune Up with sound - meditation
The Million Dollar Tool
Google Hangout with Access Consciousness Facilitators EXPLAINING 
Access Conscousness TOOLS

Esther Hicks interviewed

by Oprah Winfrey

(Explaining Who Abraham Is) - info

Blossom Benedict:
-Clearings to Create Money
-Basic tools from Access
A Little More Ease Please
Gustavo Castaner:
Are you Multidimensional Being? - WHAT?
How to Find & Fulfill Your Soul Purpose
Published on Nov 4, 2013
Hands on workshop - In this webinar you will learn all about how to discover your soul purpose and the steps you can take to fulfill it. Learn the difference between collective vs. individual soul purpose and how they are connected, what is preventing you from fulfilling your soul purpose and the consequences of not fulfilling your soul purpose.
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Deborah Bravandt:
Short version

How To Find & Fulfill Your Soul Purpose

Lee Bladom:

The Multidimentional Human


How To Access Superconsciousnes

WHO IS Abraham?


Recorded during the 2007 Mexican Well-Being Cruise.

Abraham, translated by Esther Hicks, answers a question re. "what realm" they come from, and then explains who they

are in poetic terms

Anrita Melchizedek:

Crystalline Sun DNA Templates Activation

Paul Santisi:
-3D meditation /1000's of "I AM" - meditation




Supporting the Movement of a New Humanity


Protect your self from iPad, laptop radiation 

Crystal Energy Pendants by David Sereda

e-book & Catalog 

Casual Youtube interviue about David Technology of charging the stones.

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