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Full Moon Closure

From Book "ATLANTIS" by by  Diana Cooper & Shaaron Hutton




Because full moon is a time of completion, it powerfully assists with healing, releasing and sealing that which no longer serves you.Many people move into the new without closing the old. For example, when you left home, did you embrace your future without having a ceremony of closure for the past? Or have you ever started a different job without shutting the doors to the former one? Or have you left a relationship without fully saying goodbye? We no longer tend to celebrate endings, but this is vitally important because it leaves energetic fragments in your aura when you do not. 


1. Light a candle and an oil burner or incense.

2. Play soft music, and if you have a piece of moonstone wear it or place it beside you.

3. The color of completion is gold, so place your candle on a piece of gold silk.

4. Close your eyes and allow the moonlight to shine onto your face or, if you are inside, imagine it and feel it.

5. Visualize the first scenario that you wish to close. As you review this scene, consciously say ‘Goodbye’.

    Then thank the people and situation for the experience, which has enabled you to become the person you are today.

6. Feel yourself releasing every aspect of the old emotional, mental, physical and personal and see it disappear.

7. Repeat this for any other closures you wish to make.

8. Sit quietly for a few minutes, feeling the moonlight clearing you.

9. Open your eyes. Breathe deeply and have a drink of water.



Full Moon Closure Meditation


In the few days leading up to the full moon, list any areas of your life in which you wish to exercise closure.

Then, on the night of the full moon, undertake the following meditation, which should be done outside if possible. If this is not practical, do not be too concerned – the moon’s energy will still assist your intention 


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