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I remember my first spiritual and out of body experiences lasted from the time I was 3 to the time I was 7 years old.  It was upon my personal request at the age of 7 that these reoccurring experiences stopped. Some time had passed, and at the age of 17, I was involved in a life-threatening accident; shortly after arriving at the hospital, I was pronounced dead. During those few minutes of “death,” I received the most beautiful and soul awakening experience. It was this single moment, which made me who I am today. I re-emerged from this experience with deep spirituality, awareness, consciousness. it was that moment in the hospital that has allowed me to be in sync with the non-physical world. I was suddenly able to not only believe, but to understand the energies, thoughts, beings, and philosophies that are left hidden to most. From that moment on I was fascinated with everything that is invisible, especially all the subtle energies of which our human eye cannot often decipher (but are the most crucial part of our physical bodies). That also got me to be in aliment with the Andean Cosmovision philosophy, which is tied at least partially to the view that everything is conscious. It birthed within me a clear understanding that I am an infinite, spiritual being who has chosen to have a human experience on Earth.

It took some time to sharpen my senses, but now through my sensitivity to energy, I am able not only to feel but also to see my client’s energy during a session. I am fortunate to experience the different colors, shapes, and temperatures of the energies that I might be working with. 


Since 1990 I have been intensively studying different Modalities of Energy Works: Reiki, Polarities, Rebirthing, Silva, NLP, EFT, as well as many others. Some of my favorites are The BARS technique from Access Consciousness and Quantum Jumping by Burt Goldman. I have also studied: Abraham by Esther Hicks, Robert Schwartz. Landmark Education - this particular education for me was all about learning integrity, and that lead me to heal my self from tumor.


Throughout all of my studies, I have come to understand the beautiful art of how to positively impact the community by focusing on the well-being of the individual. I also hold a BA in Fine Arts and am very sensitive to different energy fields and frequencies of color vibration. I use the color in my art, as a medium for balancing and healing energy fields with "color frequencies." This part of my website is designated to be a bridge between my healing through color and those who might find it helpful.


I am one of millions of fantastic, awakened, active Light Workers, Spiritual Healers, and new teachers on our planet now. Nurturing others and Spiritually awakening others is at the core of who I am. Much like ancient healers, my focus is to help individuals through healing the source of the pain. All of my clients receive one-on-one sessions, where I feel and see their energy fields. See the blocks in there physical body.  Doing session I also do communicate silently with my clients physical body, and I see and talk with my clients spiritual guides"

The Divine in me blesses and honors the Divine in you.

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