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For session please TEXT 619 642 4568  or email:


Price & Packages

~ Custom designed session - in person only

One session  90min - $150

P A C K A G E: 

3 x 90min sessions package - $375 ($125 per session)

6 x 90min sessions package - $600 ($100 per session)

~ Subtle Energy Balancing Cleanse - in person only

One session  60min - $120 + Cord Cutting is an additional

Cord Cutting - $95 for each cord cut* 

(*each person that you cut the cords)

P A C K A G E:

3 x 60min sessions package - $225 ($75 per session)

Cord Cutting additional - $35 extra for each cord


Introduction Session


That session can be on phone, or in person. This is important

session for me to connect with the client. We will be talking

about what the you like to work on, decide what techniques

to use, what strategy, will be best for you, and we will clear

your expectations from working with me.








Access Bars Private Session


During an Access Bars session, I will lightly hold 32 specific points on

your head which, when held with proper energy alignment, dissipate

the electromagnetic component of thoughts, feelings, and emotions

that hold limitations in place over lifetimes in your body. They delete

all of the limiting points of views creating your limitations, giving you access to your consciousness. This is an incredibly nurturing and

relaxing process, undoing limitations in all aspects of your life.

The Bars receiving is different than any other modality. You have to

be willing to receive if you are going to have the life you truly desire.




Intuitive & Spiritual Life Coaching 

10 week Life Changing Program



It helps you change your life by changing the way you operate on a

deeper level. Deepening your connection with the nonphysical part

of yourself, your soul. (This is NOT a religious leadership). You may discover that you have a profound purpose and that all of the “bad" events in your life have been divinely orchestrated to bring you to

your true path. I can help you shift gears from being a victim to

taking responsibility for your life.


~ This program is 5 sessions. We will focus on your dreams and goals

and reflect on your habits, emotional blocks, behaviors and delving

into your deep rooted beliefs. I will hold space & energy for you

through out the whole process. There will also be homework designed uniquely for you as well as supportive accountability calls. Program of 5 sessions have goal to clear one to two challenging

areas in your life. Lets play and see what we can create in your life.




Custom Designed Session

Intuitive, Consciousness, Spiritual & Energy Work.


A Variety of energy healing techniques blended especially for you. 


This may include:

~ connecting and channeling / communicating with your spiritual guides 

~ energetically cords cutting / clearing karmic connections

~ clearing emotional blocks from your family blood-line   

~ looking in to your past lives, clearing past life blocks.

~ balancing chakras

~ SEEING IN TO your physical body

~ painting Aura portrait and doing Aura reading

~ creating your personal circle of manifestation

~ Using verity of techniques that are best for you at this moment.

Some of the techniques will be: crystal healing. Vibrational Healing with color frequencies. Reiki, Access Bars

and other





Subtle Energy Balancing Cleanse

Energetic Hygiene:  energetic cleanse, emotional cleanse, karmic 

cleanse, spiritual cleanse, aura cleanse, chakras cleanse, cord cutting. Includes moving energy with a combination of different techniques such as Reiki, Polarities, Pranic Healing, Vibrational Healing (color frequencies)













Consciousness Awakening & Guidance

Questions in regards to how your energy works, and/or beginning to speak with your guides will be addressed. Encompasses Mysticism, Metaphysics, Esotericism, Star People, and expanding Consciousness.




Mentoring new Spiritual or Energy Healers








The Access Bars Class

The Access Bars class is a single day, 8 hour class. I will provide you

with a manual to help assist you in learning the Bars.

You can expect to learn proper hand positions on the 32 points along

with other tools from Access Consciousness.

You will run the Bars session twice and also receive two Bars sessions

as well! After you’ve completed Access Bars class, you are now a


The Access Bars Practitioner!


  • You can start your own energy practice running people’s Bars!

  • You can add the Access Bars Sessions to your existing practice

      like chiropractor, energy healer, acupuncturistmassage therapist... 


  • You can use Access Bars technique with your family or friends,

      a specially with people who struggle with exams, or children who              struggle with learning  at school, with anxiety, depression ect


  • if you love to receive energy healings, but this sessions are way to expensive to do it all the time ... as Access Bars Practitioner you can participate in Access group called "GIFTING & RECEIVING" and exchanging Access Bars with other Access Bars Practitioners & Facilitators weekly! (Usually there is fee under $25 for food and drinks and room renting). You can exchange the bars anywhere on the world whenever the group is set up, so check this opportunity before you go on your next vacation!


  • This is great way to encourage your child to work with energy! Children are fantastic at running Access Bars!  Also once they complete the Access Bars Class, they will get, just like every one else the Access Bars Practitioner Certificate! How cool is that!

~ Access Bars Session - in person only

One session  - 60min sessions (45-55min on table)


P A C K A G E S: Do you love Bars? Save by buying package 

  1 x 60min sessions - $125 ($125 per session)

  4 x 60min sessions - $396 ($99 per session if purchase at once)

  6 x 60min sessions - $500 ($83 per session if purchase at once)

12 x 60min sessions - $900 ($75 per session if purchase at once)


~ Intro session -One session per client

By phone            15min - $25

By phone  15 to 30min - $30

By phone   30 to 45min - $40

By phone   45 to 60min - $50


~ Spiritual Life Coaching 

in person or by phone



  •  Each session is custom design for you

  • Each session takes for 1.5 hour (occasionally it my take longer up to 2.15min max / if needed)

  • We will be working with ALL the magical tools that I know

  • It may include channeling  your Angels and Guides

  • It may include energy moving treatments

  • It my include Access Bars

  • It may include cutting spiritual courts 

  • Each session will be finished with homework for you

  • Each session have 15-30 min motivation and accountability call between sessions

  • You will have access to me almost 24/7 in case if you get really confronted by your block 



FIVE Custom Design Sessions


(1 session /2 weeks for $300)


The program is designed to work on one most challenging area in your lifeI see that there is really one to two ruts

that blocks someone life, once that is eliminated your life will rune with flow.

However if after that, you choose to have more sessions

with me, to work on different smaller challenges. Since we

already moved the most difficult blocks from your life, This will be little easer to move, I will offered this clients


MINI PROGRAM - 6 weeks

Custom Design Sessions (6 weeks) - $600

(1 session /2 weeks for $200)


~ Access Bars Class ONE DAY CLASS

- in person only.

Become Access Bars Practitioner or Facilitator

~ 1st Bars Class  - $350 - 8 hours class

~ Repeating Bars Class - $175 - 8 hours class

~ Teenagers age of 16yo & 17yo - 50% OFF ($175)

~ Repeating Teenager age of 16yo & 17yo - $88

~ Children 15yo or under  - FREE* 

~ Repeating Children 15yo or under  - FREE* 

  *Only if attending with a paying adult!

~ If the child comes by them self the fee is - $44

~ Repeating child by them self - $22

~ Mentoring Awakening Guidance - in person or by phone. My intention is to make this affordable 

60min - $50 (after initial C. & A. Guidiance 2 hr session 

* Program intensity and number of session depending on individual. 


~ Consciousness Awakening Guidance - in person or by phone

One session 2 hours - $125 This is only one session if you need more information or more sessions or more time, you automatically will be move to the 

Mentoring Program and pay 60min-$50